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April 24th, 2014

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“Jackson” revealed that after a season wrap-up, Anthony, who has expressed willingness to pay cuts to stay in New York. Prior to this, sources claim that jump out of the contract after becoming totally free agents this summer, Anthony has the potential to give up big contracts for overall champion, such as Chicago. In response, Jackson said: “I think Merlot knows our team’s salary structure. There are many who have done before (cut), including Tim Duncan, Miami’s big three, he should be aware that this is the right thing, and I hope he would keep its promise. ”

The other hand, confirmed his fiancee Jenny Jackson-bass (as well as Lakers owner) really looking for him, and let him regain the pointer. In response, Jackson said he won’t coach again, “Yes, she said to coach the Lakers much less than do the Knicks President risk,” Jackson said, “but I have to make a decision, I will not coach again, and my body does not allow me to coach. ”

Jackson said after the season concluded, he told the players that the off-season will be a lot of changes. In addition, the Knicks owner Jim Dolan, a renewed commitment, “Jackson” solely responsible for basketball-related matters.

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April 24th, 2014

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Today, Phil Jackson in New York’s Madison Square Garden Training Center held a regular press conference. Press Conference, “Jackson” most important to confirm two things. 1th, will meet later this month with Steve Cole, and discuss the potential coaching matters. 2nd-Anthony Cameron after the season concluded, he offered a pay cut to stay in the hope that the “melon” would keep its promise.

Jackson first identified the article 1 of the New York Daily News reported that 2 weeks ago, before the bulls Scout Clarence-Ganis began to work for the Knicks. Meanwhile, the “Zen master” will meet with Kohl, “I will later this month, and Steve (Cole) meet, talk about the coach,” Jackson said, “in fact, over 1 year we communicate all the time, while in January this year, we had talked about on the topic of coaching styles. ”

Jackson suggests looking for the Manager is a long process, for now there is no specific timetable. “I hope when you next launch, everything will have results,” Jackson said, “in addition to Steve, we also examine other coaching candidates, but I’m not going to tell you their names. “According to the news media in New York, who was the most likely candidates run the Knicks next season. Still, Jackson said after confirming that the head coach candidates, will be setting up a coaching team.

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April 24th, 2014

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In the media a few days ago Google released search data distribution statistics, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the Google search volume for the first and second players. This time in the search data from April 2013 to April 2014, Bryant is a California athlete with the highest search volume, and that’s no accident, zijin Defender played for the Los Angeles Lakers in California, after all. But what’s surprising is, of James in 22 States to the top of searches, including Miami, Florida, and New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California Nevada favored Miami Heat superstar next door, a figure far beyond Kobe Bryant.

NBA team search rankings, Kobe Bryant Lakers lead the heat also lost to James, but Golden Regiment and the Miami teams respectively in first and second place. Relative to the Lakers this season, the worst record of 27 WINS and 55 losses, they can achieve such good results were also considered a consolation prize. Also search volume ranked third and seventh NBA team are: rockets, Bulls, spurs, Thunder and Clippers.

Now Bryant has officially opened a 6-month training plan, trying to next season perform a drama of the return of the King, but he wants James to wrest the League title of first person, seems unlikely.

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April 24th, 2014

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Gasol had said in an interview earlier, end with a bad record of 27 WINS and 55 losses after this season, wants to immediately complete the reconstruction have strength for the Lakers for the title difficult. It may also make it difficult for his team determined to return to Los Angeles, and the Lakers ‘ future plans are almost always point to 2015 in the free agent market, next season might as well be a transition. But Golden Regiment last week by General Manager Mitch Kupchak has said they have great interest in renewing Pau Gasol.

“Money is not the issue I consider, I will give priority to these: a contract for the last couple of seasons, the composition of the team is right for me. “Gasol said,” I was going to take some time to carefully consider, rather than being directly sent me on the maximum value of the contract at the Club. ”

2013-14 season has just ended, Pau Gasol were hit in 60 games for the Lakers, averaging 17.4 points per game as the team 9.7 rebounds and 3.4 assists 1.5 blocks. Kupchak even expressed, Pau Gasol may be the player best free agents on the market this summer.


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April 24th, 2014

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Lakers Center Pau Gasol already away to update your own personal Web site, one of the talked about his return to the Lakers next season is “team capable of undergoing a significant change”, while Bryant is the guy who let him stay confident.

“And the possibility of a renewal of the Lakers was absolute, I can’t say for sure how big is this possibility. If there is something or someone who can make me willing to stay, it would have only Kobe Bryant. “Gasol said,” I will be left to Bryant, but the premise is, the team had to make some very significant changes. As I’ve said many times: I want to stay in a team that has the strength to get another Championship, and can play an important role in the match so far. ”

Gasol also talked about his relationship with Lakers coach deandongni, Spain people like the methodical positional warfare, while deandongni are more interested in running ‘ tactics. “I never hide the technical features of the deandongni system is not for me the fact that everybody knows that. “Gasol said,” I don’t know if deandongni will remain what is the impact on my decision, but it was clear that coach is very important in any team. ”

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April 24th, 2014

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Delajiqi questioning amid ongoing efforts to upgrade themselves, eventually entering the Union’s sixth year, he averaged 20.3 points and 3.2 rebounds and 5.9 assists brilliant data 2013-14 season and with an overwhelming advantage for winning the most improved player honors.

“I still remember a newspaper so judge me, they said I was the worst player in the NBA, my name should not be called” Dragic “(delajiqi), and should be called ‘Tragic’ (tragedy). “Delajiqi,” says that passage has been in my mind every time I set foot on the practice field when, I will think of it. ”

“Prove that people’s perception of me was wrong, and this is where my fun. “Delajiqi said with a smile.

Delajiqi also creates a record of the season, he became the fourth since 20 capable of averaging 20 points and hit rates of at least 50%, three-point shooting of at least 40% player. While the other three are: Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Delajiqi said after the MIP’s honor, he was the League’s top Defender, “my goal is not to just such a performance in a season to become one of the League’s top Defender, you need multiple consecutive seasons played, I haven’t reached that goal. ”

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April 24th, 2014

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Randall is the famous talk show remarks Dan Patrick show. Despite grew up in Dallas growth, but Randall Frank, themselves most like of stars is is Lakers headed stars, “certainly is Bryant, I hit small is Bryant-Bryant of fans,” the young teenager said, “If can and he together play, will is pieces was surprised of things, I will from he of body learn to many things, I has been are is Lakers of fans, if can in here play, will is a huge of reward. ”

As a strong striker of the University of Kentucky, Julius-Randall can hand over 15 points and 10.4 rebounds this season of two pairs of data, and led the Wildcats into the NCAA finals all the way, but they eventually lost to the University of Connecticut. Many Scouts in the previous analysis found that attack has always been the advantage of Randall, whatever basket is back playing, he’s got a good sweep and his good ball control skill, rebounding ability is also very exceptional, is a peer-Zack Randolph or Khao Simms inside player.

But before the draft rank not yet scheduled, Randall, can get the Lakers ‘ favor, remains obscure. Before the Randall, this year’s valedictorian daregubali-Parker has publicly shown better than Grand Army. In addition, from Oklahoma State point guard Marcus-smart also revealed at the Lakers ‘ training before photos. Obviously, as one of the most prominent League history this summer, the Lakers is the goal of many young stars eager to.


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April 24th, 2014

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In contrast to bring grass-roots origin, but because they mengjin and are pedestrians see, so in 2010 when he signed a four-year contract totaling only $ 3.36 million, $ 750,000 contract in his rookie season with floor is almost struggling, but ultimately was Stephenson’s contract are basically non-guaranteed contract, he needs a good performance to keep your job. Right after Turner came to upper case, Stephenson’s role will be subject to certain restrictions, for one is the risk of being laid off a few years ago players sense of nature are very serious.

So when just two people are in a contract year, in addition to competition for playing time and roles within the team, their very sensitive about contracts the direct conflict of interest.

Turner actually exist does not much of a threat the Stephenson, to know when he played this season and 76 data (17.9 minutes, 6.1 rebounds and 3.8 assists) while outstanding, but shooting only 42.8%. Stephenson in addition to scoring data (13.8 and 7.2 rebounds and 4.6 assists) less obvious dominance, the most important thing is his 49.1% ‘ efficiency is second to kill Turner.


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April 24th, 2014

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If a single player performance in Exchange for Turner is definitely a very good choice, during the operation of the trading deadline, Walker in the media very high marks given to this transaction – Hermione Granger use case, Turner’s arrival, at least from the books completely solved the team’s depth. Turner this season, after all, when playing for 76 people, averaging 17.4 points and 6.0 rebounds and 3.7 assists performance.

However, Turner has become squad boss data modes, if veteran mud for many years in the NBA, so he came to the Pacers probably would be willing to accept such a role for winning. But the Pacers is the biggest miscalculations, Turner is in the final year of his rookie contract players, he is still very young, victory, I’m afraid his attraction is far better than a huge contract. Thus one 2010 bangyan show wants be reconciled at the same session of the cilunxiu (total 40th Stephenson 2010 round show have been singled out) men at ease playing it somewhat idealistic.

As 2010 bangyan show, Turner entered the fourth year of the rookie contract salary at US $ 6.68 million, under the new system of labour this wage is not trivial. Turner, though, Walker, only a substitute role, playing time cut, which directly affects the individual’s NBA prospects, this fight possible new contract even that number could not reach.

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Stephenson’s brain is different from Andrew Bynum’s “casual” and JR’s “nonsensical”, his brain damaged due to his narcissistic and arrogant, and it is his team raised a number of root causes of infighting and contradictions. He Juniors team of performance will said Shang several sentence, and Hill of contradictions from Yu he on themselves “boss themselves” of psychological, and special is satisfied of comes is let Stephenson feels to has “not respecting”, actually special is satisfied to completely is a good added, thorn head completely didn’t necessary think is to threat themselves status of, this “was persecution paranoia syndrome” let Stephenson saw Turner on gas not hit a Department to, so only slowly has has behind of various contradictions and infighting.

On the field playing Stephenson with all kinds of emotion and anger, he will also revel in the performances entertain themselves on the one hand, barbed head always with anger on the other hand wants to rival League, slightly uncomfortable always furious lame attack, spiky hair and walkers or rivals, are a not time bomb. May correct, it does not make sense to change, but narcissistic moron is difficult to be self-critical and encourage each other to correct. How to use Stephenson, became the Pacers must be considered the team’s top priority.